Why choose steelwish 2 tier bike rack?

Steelwish two-tier bike rack is an innovative, easy-to-use bicycle storage system that offers great storage for bikes with a lot of space, great use ability, and great value; it allows you to house double the number of bikes in the same space than with any standard bike rack. An excellent way of bike storage is with the Double Decker Bicycke Rack System. Two Tier Bike Racks help maximize your bicycle storage space, whilst providing a user-friendly system. Two-tier bike racks are perfect for apartments, offices, hospitals, and transportation centers, and they can help developers to comply with transportation statement requirements when space is at a premium.

One major difference in double-tiered bike racks is whether the rack elements are designed at a single height, or where the racks are staggered height-wise. Whether it is used inside your bike room or designated outdoor space, if you are looking to create as many places as possible for you bike storage within a given space, two-tier bike racks are an excellent option to consider. The decker racks are all equipped with gas spring assistance part, which makes bike loading easier at the top level of the rack.

Each rack holds one bicycle per rack, both the top and bottom levels, so 2 bikes in total. The two-layer rack provides 2 levels (upper and lower) from 2-20bikes in total mainly depends on your site and customer’s requirement. Moreover, we support it made double sided which could save more spaces.

The lower bike rack has an inclined wheel well, so users will not need to lean back between levels, making a two-tier rack system easy for everyone of any age. The racks are 375mm apart, double stacking, so plenty of bikes can be stored in one area. With designs that have the racks all the same height, like Steelwish Level Rack for Bicycle Storage, each bicycle stall is further apart to prevent bikes from having their handlebars touching.

With fewer moving parts, our two-tier bike rack design also increases the number of accessible lanes, and there are less maintenance or liability issues associated with moving tier racks.